What is Asthma? How Can It Be Controlled?

What is Asthma?

Asthma is an allergic disease that affects the lungs and is common in children. Although asthma is usually first diagnosed in childhood, it can also be seen for the first time in adulthood. It is a long-lasting disease. If it is seen in childhood, it may disappear in adolescence, but there is a possibility of relapse later in life.

Symptoms of asthma include: wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Coughing, especially in the morning or evening, can be a symptom of asthma.

The onset of asthma is either genetic or environmental. If you have close relatives with asthma, there is a chance that you may also have asthma. This is called "atopy" and explains the genetic predisposition to developing allergic diseases. Even if you do not have a genetic predisposition, asthma can be caused by environmental influences, such as the work environment. For example, being in a moldy, damp and dusty environment or passive smoking can also cause asthma.

How to Check?

There is no permanent cure for asthma. However, it can be controlled with some treatments. These treatments are categorized in two groups: short-term treatments and long-term treatments. Short-term treatments are used to suppress a current asthma attack. Long-term treatments are preventive, meaning that they are used regularly to prevent asthma attacks from ever starting. These treatments usually involve the use ofinhalers.


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