Hamata was established in 2019 at Istanbul University Technopolis Entertech with the Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support Program. The female entrepreneur set out with the idea that the organic products developed by academics and experts in the field should be for the benefit of people and easily accessible.


First product PINESTER PINE 

While moving forward with the goal of combining the miracles offered to us by nature with the developing technology and bringing them to consumers in an accurate and effective way, it was selected as the 3rd best project in the NewtonFund Royal Academy of Engineering "Leaders in innovation" program held in London in 2020.

In the last quarter of 2020, the company collaborated with Universe Pharma and launched its first product Pinester Pine in 2021. 

Unlike other pharmaceutical companies, it aims to ensure that its products are organic and do not contain any additives. Hamata also aims to contribute to the country's economy by exporting the product it prepares using the country's resources.