What is Coastal Pine (Pinus Pinester)?


In addition to obtaining wood-based products from forests, various products are obtained from the leaves, cones and bark of shrubs and trees for the sub-industry. Since the products obtained from these sources can be consumed by humans, the food and pharmaceutical sectors also benefit from these products.

It is known that extracts obtained from various parts of pines (such as bark and cones) have been used against various diseases since ancient times. Coastal pine, which belongs to the pine family(Pinaceae), grows in the coastal and dune areas of our country. Plant extracts such as Pinester Pine, Pycnogenol, obtained from the bark of the coastal pine, are consumed as nutritional supplements in the form of syrup to heal wounds and against coughs thanks to their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from syrup, these extracts can also be used in capsule and cream forms.

Apart from these properties, pinene, the main ingredient of this extract, is also known to have antimicrobial and antitumor (anticancer) effects. In other words, pinene is a substance with great potential in the fight against bacterial diseases (especially those resistant to antibiotics) and cancer. In addition, it also has a possible positive effect on the kidneys.

It is not yet known whether the consumption of very high amounts of coastal pine extracts has a negative effect in humans. When used in the recommended amount on our website, our syrup has no negative effects.


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